President Of The United States

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The President of the United States of America is literally the most important person on this planet. Why, you may ask? Well, that’s because, he is “in charge” of the most powerful and influential country of the world. Every decision he makes, in regard to America, can and will affect every other country in some sort of way. Presidents have so much power that every decision they make becomes news. Now, the next logical question would be, where does all this power come from? Who said it was okay for one person to have so much power? And most importantly, does the president of the United States of America actually have so much power all to himself? The president gets his/her power from a variety of different sources. These sources being the Constitution itself and the executive branch of the country. Through the course of time, the President’s power has increased tremendously. Presidents are now allowed to do and make a lot more decisions than they were back in the day. This happened because the nation grew a whole, we made our way out of two world wars, the Great Depression and the stock market crash, coming out on top and each time the presidents were the ones that helped us get there. During World War I, we had Wilson who created the pre-UN league of nations and Franklin Roosevelt seeing us out of the Great Depression with the social programs and rejuvenation of the New Deal. This says something about the amount of power that is given to our presidents. These

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