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Donald Trump has been in the news lately; not for another big deal he has signed, or his hair being “fake”, but for becoming a candidate for the President of the United States of America in 2016. His leadership skills have been noticed by many and have led him to achieving many accomplishments. For example, he took reign of a well-known real estate firm in 1971, opened the Grand Hyatt adjacent to Grand Central Station only three short years later, which is one of his first notable projects, and is the main star in this show The Apprentice, which first aired in 2004 ( Editors). However, with great success, comes much criticism. Although Trump has many quality leadership skills, some question the manner in which he handles his business. His leadership was greatly questioned when he brought up the controversial topic of immigration while in the Republican Debate on national TV. Many saw his statements as pure ignorance and condemned Mr. Trump for his lack-of-caring; especially since many of his companies employ minorities and immigrants. Besides his outlandish remarks, Donald Trump’s overall success cannot be contested. The great person theory, which states that a leader is chosen based on whether him or her will lead to success, describes Donald Trump. According to the House’s-path goal theory, in order to have goal attainment, the organization is in need of supportive leadership, directive leadership, participative leadership, and achievement oriented

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