President Of The United States Will Change The Future Of America

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At the young age of nineteen the importance of choosing a president or the significance of it had not occurred to most college age people. Parties, school, work—all are of most importance to young college age student’s lives. Living in the present is the way they feel it has to be. When looking into their future they see inevitable student debt forcing these college students into further stress, leaving no time to think of anyone or anything but their own future. Though they look into their future career goals and ways to manage money, the thought of their American president is far from their minds. Most college age voters do not see the importance of choosing a president. These millennials deem that voting for the future president does not concern them. Like most American people they believe that their one vote does not matter. Yet, when it comes down to your future one must take into consideration that the president of the United States will change the future of America.
American presidents over decades influenced the American people significantly. The importance of choosing the future president of America is overwhelming. The views of Republicans and Democrats are majorly different leaving Americans frustrated on who to choose. This 2016 election year has brought candidates from complete opposite ends up the spectrum. With the decision on who will be elected approaching soon, one candidate surpasses all the rest. The presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is the best…
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