President Of Victorian Labor Party

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1. Interviewer: Today’s guest we have here is the man who started this gigantic populace development and consequently made a watershed in Australia 's history, Arthur Calwell, Minister for Immigration from July 1945 to December 1949.Good evening, it is an honor for you to allow us to question your immigration aspects. Glad to have you here today. Interviewee: Great evening to you. Glad I could be here. 2.Interviewer: First off, I would like to ask how did you and your family arrive to Australia? Interviewee: Well it at first began with my grandpa from America who came to Victoria in 1853 and married my Welsh grandmother, and my mother is the young lady of an Irishman who had come to Melbourne by a vessel. My mom brought forth seven youngsters, me being the eldest, conceived on the 28th of August 1896 in Melbourne. 3.Interviewer: Can you tell us about your political career? Interviewee: I was chosen President of Victorian Labor Party in 1931. I was additionally chosen to the Australian House of Representatives for the seat of Melbourne in 1940. I was for the most part surely understood for my extreme disposition towards the Australian press and strict requirement of wartime oversight. 4.Interviewer: What musings in life made you consider migration angles into the production of the new movement strategy? Interviewee: As the past of the war profoundly lies in our dirts, Australia had been weakened with the interruption of the Japanese. We couldn 't secure ourselves as we
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