President Persuasive Essay

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From watching the debate, it begins to make it more clear that this presidential election is honestly a huge joke. Donald Trump in my eyes is beyond unfit to be the president and to have that much power given to him. But on the other hand, with Hillary Clinton lies constantly, and we aren’t going to be able to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. While the debate was going on, it just got worse and worse. More than half the time DOnald was screaming at Hillary, not even trying to use his “inside voice” or at least try to be professional. Regardless of that Donald repeatedly said, “she doesn’t have the stamina.” What would exactly be considered as having the correct stamina to be qualified to run for being the president in the United States? In response to what Trump kept saying she said, “..but this is the man who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs.” With the terrorist situations happening Hillary would bring up things that she thinks he was apart of, and supported those attacks. I…show more content…
Lester Holt isn’t new to any of this reporter business. He was on and still is on a numerous of TV shows, and broadcasts. Holt didn’t really get in the middle of Clinton and Trump’s mess, he just did what he was supposed to do. But at times he got off topic, getting too deep into the arguments, which he did get yelled at for that by both candidates. But in contrast, when the candidates got off topic, Holt was quick to put them back on task. To be honest, I have no idea how he did it. I couldn’t be that close to either one of them and not say anything. Just watching the debate in my dorm room, the things they were saying made me talk to the TV. I don’t know how us as a country are going to be able to survive with either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as our president. But regardless, in my opinion I think he did a great job with dealing with these two
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