President Reag The President Of The United States

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Government is the Problem Never has there been such an opportunity to express your love for one’s country than when given the opportunity to lead them. Ronald Reagan got that opportunity on January 20, 1981, after being elected as the new President of the United States. During his first inaugural speech, Reagan uses Kairos, his first true opportunity, to rally the American people behind his ideals and gain their trust by using pathos, ethos, and logos. At the beginning of his speech, Reagan is extremely grateful for this opportunity and tells the American people they should be too. He says that “In the eyes of many in the world, this every 4-year ceremony we accept is nothing short of a miracle.” The audience is being subjected to pathos, and it is so slight that maybe even Reagan doesn’t know that he has used it. By showing that this changing of the guard, this choice that the people have in choosing new leadership every four years, Reagan is creating an emotional response. Now, that doesn’t mean crying, although I’m sure some people were out of joy, but rather but creating a sense of gratitude that they have this freedom instead living in a communistic society such as Nazi Germany. During the next few paragraphs, Reagan begins to discuss the turmoil that has faced the nation. Reagan didn’t invent these issues, but rather he stepped into them. He talks about inflation and how it threatens lives. He mentions job loss, and the corrupt tax system which penalizes those who
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