President Reagan And The President Of The United States

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In 1981, a self-proclaimed Washington outsider took the oath as President of the United States of America. The country anxiously awaited to see if Ronald Reagan could keep the promises he made during the campaign trail; some of the promises he made were, to appoint the first female Supreme Court Justice and to change the ideology of the court. Reagan, a staunch republican hoped to sway the court right for the first time in decades. While, he was able to sway the court, complications from a democratic senate and a lame duck presidency forced him to place only one true conservative and two moderate judges leaving a more moderate than Reagan promised. When Ronald Reagan took his first oath in January of 1981, there was the potential to replace five justices who were all over the age of 70. He actually placed only three and elevated one the opportunity to swing the court to the conservative side may have caused both the public and the senate to look more closely at the nominations, impeding the president’s goals. The shift right should have been an easy accomplishment when Justice Potter Stewart stepped down, Stewart was often considered a swing justice. Even more promising was the retirement of Lewis Powell, who was often considered the most influential member of the court; often the deciding vote in many significant cases. During the 1980 campaign trail, president hopeful, Ronald Reagan pledged he would nominate the first female to
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