President Reagan Vs. Ronald Reagan

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Question 2 Our current United State 's president has a unique, magical, presidential gift of communication paired with strong president achievements. This special gift is something we saw 28 years ago in another president that America admired just as much and that was President Ronald Reagan. Barack Obama in certain occasions has been compared to Ronald Reagan, by having very similar leadership styles. However, since I was not born yet during Ronald Reagan 's time in office, I am solely basing my inferences through the knowledge I have gained while studying about him in this class. My view on both of them as presidents has been shaped by how history recorded it to be. And let’s be real, can you name any other presidents of the past 50 years with more things named after them? From roads to schools to highways, naming something after Ronald Reagan is common seen just as Kim Kardashian is seen wearing something flashy in today 's society. Both sides of the political spectrum have made Obama and Reagan into heroes. Obama was a charming politician with a stunning family and new agenda when coming into the office. He was a breath of fresh political air, ushering in a new way of thinking about the Malhotra 2 possibilities of our country. In real meaning, Obama offered optimism for a change in the path of our country...sounds a lot familiar doesn 't it? President Barack Obama has been associated with the term of striving, self-assured, gracious, selfless, and…

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