President Reagan 's Visionary And Ethical Leadership

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Ronald W. Reagan American presidents are often faced with making decisions and implementing plans that affect the lives of so many people. America’s 40th president, Ronald Reagan, through his leadership prevented a nuclear war with the Soviet Union and avoided the loss of American lives in Libya. President Reagan was an effective visionary leader and an ethical leader when he negotiated with the Soviet Union to avoid nuclear war and prevented Americans from being harmed in Libya. I will show President Reagan displayed the characteristics of a visionary leader through transformational leadership and recognizing diversimilarity when negotiating with Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to ending the Cold War. Next I will show President…show more content…
11). President Reagan displayed the “diversity leadership” trait of “diversimilarity” in his negotiations with Mr. Gorbachev because he was able to “to respect the differences between people while highlighting their similarities” (BCEE, 2016b, p. 5). “Reagan recognized that his goals and Gorbachev’s weren’t identical, but he had concluded that neither were they antithetical” (Brands, 2015, p. 693). President Reagan was an effective visionary leader, proven by his use of diversimilarity and inspirational motivation in how he handled a possible nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Instead he was able to “over the next three years the two leaders made substantial progress on disarmament and in generally improving East-West relations” (Dobson, 2005, p. 555). President Reagan negotiated an end to a 13-year Cold War through effective visionary leadership. Ethical Leader President Reagan was an ethical leader in his actions to prevent American skepticism and saving American lives in Libya through his use of ethical leadership and critical thinking. “Violence in Lebanon and Libya marked the Reagan years” (David, n. d.). In 1981, President Reagan was challenged by a terrorist from Libya, Muammar Qaddafi, who threatened to kill President Reagan (Brands, 2015, p. 528). President Reagan displayed the traits of a “proficient critical thinker” when he displayed “intellectual humility” in a decision to take action against Qaddafi (Brands, 2015, p. 528; BCEE, 2017a, p.
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