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Being the leader of the free world is an accomplishment that citizens of the United States see as job with a vast amount of responsibility. Along with the responsibility comes great scrutiny. Presidents have come and gone, leaving a legacy that either creates a lasting memory of great leadership, or leaves a bad taste in the mouth of American voters. Leading the way in the land of the free is judged by three points: how the president chose to conduct themselves during controversial times, critical situations, and most importantly how they plan to help the citizens of the United States. Once the chosen candidate makes it to office it is very crucial on them to uphold or give the citizens what is needed or asked upon in change. During the…show more content…
We should not be bullied or attacked without a punishment ready for those who challenge us. I never like when our president cowers or re-treat, rather than standing up to other foreign powers and terrorism, it shows weakness and allows for a next time to occur. The president should be quick, forceful and level headed for all that comes in untimely matters, there should be no second-guessing for defending our own. These factors contributed to how Barack Obama, our first African American president was elected to be the Forty Fourth of this great nation. He then followed up on winning the electoral campaign for a second term. Obama achieved that by understanding all those key factors to winning over the peoples vote allowing the Democratic Party to take office. During his time in office Obama focused his attention on equality in Americas systems in the broadest definition. Views on equality vary from each president to the next, but Obama strived for equality in a broader sense then the rest. President Obama focused on equality for homosexuals in the military with the “Don’t ask Don’t tell “law passed as well as other monumental laws regarding freedom of choice. Following that, President Obama wanted equality in the working forces for fair pay for those overworked and underpaid. As well as going as far as immigration policies, a subject he was passionate about, wanting to open America’s arms to immigrants and allow them to work and live here in the United
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