President Richard M. Nixon

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As the nation prepares for the largest defamation in American history, one man is brought to the forefront of his convictions. He has been the nation’s leader for two terms, spanning five and a half years; unfortunately one decision causes him to lose the most important seat in the world. He is referred to as ‘The President of the United States’ but to the people of the free world, he was known as President Richard M. Nixon, the only president to ever step down from presidency. His resignation occurred August 9, 1974 about a year after his re-election. Resources say that he resigned so he would not face definite impeachment and removal from the oval office. This was due to one of the largest scandals in American history called, Watergate. On the morning of June 16, 1972, several gentlemen were apprehended by local authority for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, also known as DNC – which was located in the Watergate building. A guard on duty discovered several doors that looked to have tape over the locks and contacted the police. When arrested, the gentlemen were caught with money in their possession which was directly related to Nixon’s re-election. The incident was not immediately recognized by the media until two reports who worked for the Washington Post by the names of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward suspected the story was much deeper than anticipated. While in the middle of their research they discovered several facets that

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