President Richard Nixon : An Unethical Leader

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Synthesis Essay
Dean Kunz
19 May 2016
MSgt Blaine Holland

Synthesis Essay on President Richard Nixon
Scandal! I am not a crook, Watergate, impeachment, resignation, one final “two handed V”; which president comes to mind? President Richard M. Nixon was a visionary leader; but an unethical leader. This paper will examine two visionary leadership traits of President Nixon, two unethical leadership skills of Nixon and then look to my own career for two personal examples of visionary and two unethical leadership skills I portrayed. Nixon’s visionary leadership was on display when it came to dealing with Communist countries and recession on the home front. By using the full range leadership (FRL) process of
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After a subordinate fulfills the leader’s expectations, a reward is provided to reinforce the positive behavior (BCEE, 2016d). The US was in the unpopular Vietnam War, but this war was ultimately against Communism. According to Détente, China and the US were not on speaking terms because of the (at the time) twenty year old embargo on Chinese exports. Nixon worked with China’s Mao Zedong initially through back channels and eventually met to lift the embargo (Détente, n.d.). Although he fundamentally disagreed with Communism, Nixon was able to use China’s willingness to talk while negotiating the 1973 Paris Peace Accords. Because he rewarded this new dialog by lifting the trade embargo, Nixon was able to pull out of Vietnam peacefully with Communist nations. “These overtures to the…Chinese were bold moves on the global chessboard that brought the Free World and Communist Bloc closer together and lessened the possibility of open conflict for both of them.” (Couturier, 2007).
BCEE states, cognitive flexibility involves incorporating different thinking strategies and mental frameworks into your planning, decision making, and day to day activities (BCEE, 2016c). I believe President Nixon displayed his second visionary leadership trait when he was trying to tackle the US economy. “When the U.S. economy began to take an alarming nosedive in the early 1970s, the president introduced his ‘New Economic Policy,” which included a temporary
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