President Ronald Reagan 's Speech At The 1980 Republican National Convention

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SPE 130: Famous Person Speech Outline Anthony Cersosimo
Title: Change for the Better
Purpose: To inform my audience of Ronald Reagan and his speech at the 1980 Republican National Convention and how it was influential for the US at the time as well as its personal significance for me.
Central Idea: Ronald Reagan’s speech at the 1980 Republican National Convention in Detroit was one that gave a sense of unification, hope, and national pride among Americans at the time and still resonated with some Americans afterwards.
I. Attention Getter: The United States of America has had its fair share of presidents since its inception, so I ask, “How many of you
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B. “Reagan enrolled in Eureka College in 1928.”
1. During his collegiate years, Reagan pursued “majors in sociology and economics while also playing athletics and continuing in performing arts productions.”
2. “The year 1932 saw Reagan graduate from Eureka College and obtain a job as a sports radio host.” (
C. As a post-collegiate young adult, Reagan saw to extend his relationship with the entertainment industry which would help develop his political status.
1. Reagan opted out of the radio career path to play roles in movies “for the Warner Brothers in 1937. Throughout the 1940s, Reagan was acting in numerous movies in Hollywood and as a result he ended up moving to California.” (
2. In addition to his filmography, “from 1947 to 1952, Ronald Reagan would partake in the Screen Actors Guild labor union, even becoming the president of the union.” During this timeframe, America was living through the beginning of the Cold War and the Second Red Scare; where most Americans condemned communist ideologies. As a result, the Screen Actors Guild saw many actors “argue and dispute about communist principles in the film industry.” Reagan saw these arguments as a way to justify his political views and make him understand how he believed America should be run (government-wise). This was the beginning of Reagan’s political career as a conservative. (The White House)
D. Ronald Reagan
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