President Roosevelt: Steward of the People Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States and made a huge impact on the world. Not only was he the youngest President at age 42, but he was also a greatly respected war hero (Theodore Roosevelt). He was also the first US President to win the Nobel Peace Prize (Theodore Roosevelt - Biography). As President, Roosevelt looked at the role of President as a “steward of the people” (Theodore Roosevelt). Theodore Roosevelt was not only known to be the first modern President but also as a man who worked hard for the people of the United States, an international relationship builder, and the everyday type of person who people liked to be around (Roosevelt). Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27th, 1858 in New York,…show more content…
During the presidential election campaign that year, he separated himself from many of his fellow reformers by supporting the candidacy of Republican James G. Blaine, whose name had been dirtied by charges of illegal behavior in a business-related scandal (Cooper). What had an even bigger blow was the death of his much-loved wife, Alice Hathaway Lee, whom he had married after graduating from Harvard and also the death of his mother (Roosevelt; Cooper). He then left politics and spent the next two years on his cattle ranch in the Dakota Territory (Cooper). His attempt to reenter public life was unsuccessful as he was defeated in a bid to become mayor of New York City in 1886 (Cooper). Theodore still remained active in politics by battling corruption as a member of the U.S. Civil Service Commission and the President of the New York City Board of Police Commissioners (Cooper). Later in 1889, President Benjamin Harrison named him to the three-member Civil Service Commission (Roosevelt). Theodore began a steady stream of speechmaking, championing honesty and morality in both the government and politics. In 1895, the New York Mayor, William Strong, made Theodore commissioner of the city's police force (Roosevelt). After Theodore’s two years as commissioner he went to work for President William McKinley as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Roosevelt).
In April 1898, Theodore resigned from his
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