President Roosevelt and the New Deal

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In the coming of a new President in 1932, America was at its lowest point throughout its existence. The economy crashed and left the United States in a state of major depression, the Great Depression. FDR was elected for his ideas of change through the new deal, and the thought of hope had given to Americans. Roosevelt knew that a change was needed and was willing to go to tremendous measures to try to bring back the American economy, give jobs, and to keep democracy going on strong. In doing so I believe FDR had to compromise within all types of ideas and government parties to succeed and reach his goals of the three R’s, recovery, reform, and relief. The New Deal in order to be made and passed I believe had to be implemented by both radical and conservative ideas and beliefs in the making of policies. With change FDR knew he needed the support of all democrats, including the conservative ones in the south. He knew without the support from them that no New Deal reform would be able to pass. So when being asked if the New Deal is conservative, I would have to agree and say yes. In the coming act for the New Deal certain ideas that I believed to have conservative segregation beliefs all over it. Starting of with the work relief programs such as WPA. The WPA gave millions of jobs to the American people, but tended to be more helpful to the middle class white American. Leaving out domestic and non-unionized workers affected mainly women and African Americans. As most African
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