President Roosevelt 's President Of The United States Essay

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When President McKinley was assassinated Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States at the age of 43. He is the youngest president in our nation’s history. Though President Roosevelt was young with fresh ideas filled with high energy as you will see that even after he became president he continued to do some things he enjoyed in his life. Roosevelt while still in the presidency, he continued to box inside the White House. In one of those instances while sparing he spared with a Navy officer and was injured and became blind in that eye. Some might say that having this type of ideas could lead to destruction and others would say that there were social policies that were addressed because of having this type of mentality. We know that in his presidency, Roosevelt led our country to progressive reforms and strong foreign policy. Though he was born to a wealthy family, he saw the need for taking care of the working class. Roosevelt followed many of his father’s beliefs that it was a moral duty to help those less fortunate. Roosevelt was a cowboy, soldier, hero, swimmer, scientist, hunter, explorer, and writer. You might say that being raised on a ranch was a key component to becoming the president, he was where hard work was valued. Because he was not your typical Republican that aimed to take care of big corporation he was seen as betraying the lifestyle and class he was born into. He created a Bureau of Corporation to regulate big business and
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