How Did Franklin D Roosevelt Use Propaganda To Prevent Ww2

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In 1937, a time of global turmoil and war, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated in a speech to the nation, now known as the Quarantine Speech,
There is a solidarity and interdependence about the modern world, both technically and morally, which makes it impossible for any nation completely to isolate itself from economic and political upheavals in the rest of the world, especially when such upheavals appear to be spreading and not declining... We are determined to keep out of war, yet we cannot insure ourselves against the disastrous effects of war and the dangers of involvement. We are adopting such measures as will minimize our risk of involvement, but we cannot have complete protection in a world of disorder in which confidence and security …show more content…

The first attempt at using economic sanctions to combat Japan is seen in 1937. After Japanese shore batteries and aircraft attacked British and US naval and merchant vessels on December 12, 1937, President Roosevelt had proposed a joint naval blockade with Britain on Japan to cut its supply of raw materials. The British had declined out of fear it would start a war. This was an instance of the United States attempting to oppose Japan despite not having had declared war on the country. Two years later on July 26, 1939, the United States terminated its 1911 Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with Japan. As the treaty contained guidelines for commerce, navigation, property rights, travel, protection of laws, etc. it was terminated to allow America to "be free to deal with Japan in the formulation of a new treaty and in the protection of American interests as new necessities may require." This set the stage for the embargos and sanctions that were to follow. In 1940, serious embargoes and trade restrictions were placed upon Japan through the Export Control Act, which “allowed the President to prohibit the export of essential defense materials.” On October 16, 1940, an embargo was placed on scrap iron and steel exports to Japan. Following this, America froze Japanese assets on July 26, 1941. A final embargo before both nations officially went to war …show more content…

This can be seen through the aid the United States provided to Britain, specifically the ‘cash and carry’ policy included in the Neutrality Act of 1937, followed by the Destroyers for Bases Agreement, and lastly, the Lend-Lease Act. Secondly, assistance provided to China to aid the nation in its conflict with Japan, including through the creation of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) air unit is an instance of the United States’ hostile behavior prior to formally declaring war. The United States also helped China by providing them with multiple loans, amounting to nearly $100 million. The United States also helped China by expanding the Loan-Lease Act to include the nation in 1941. Lastly, the United States demonstrated its hostility toward Japan through the use of embargos and economic sanctions placed against the nation. Specifically, through the termination of the 1911 Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, scrap iron and steel embargoes, and lastly, an oil and gasoline export ban upon Japan. Despite not having officially declared war on Japan, America’s actions prior to entering the war were all but neutral. This behavior demonstrates the hostility America had toward Japan in the years leading up to their officially entry into the

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