Essay on President Theodore Roosevelt

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President Theodore Roosevelt was the outmost incredible president of our nation. He cared about every aspect of our country. He was remarkable, brilliant, and strong. He brought something different to the table of the presidential legacy. His personality, however was like no other, he was an impossible act to follow. He also was impetuous and did not hesitate to work around the regulations to get what he wanted. With the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt stepped up to become the youngest president in our nation’s history at the mere age of forty three. He brought new excitement and power to the Presidency. The revolution of his life brought many events and new ideas to the world. Roosevelt was a republican, and an…show more content…
In fact, he was the leader of the progressive movement. He continuously wanted there to be a happy balance between capital and labor so he founded his policy called the Square Deal. He was a liberal and became an advocate for prosecuting monopolies that violated antitrust law, otherwise known as “trust busting”. He kept these monopolies from controlling entire industries across the country. He worked hard to guide the United States into world politics. Roosevelt also aimed for Promotion of Anti-Trust suits. He was also a conversationalist. Some of his policies for conservation were creating the National Conservation Commission to record the nation’s resources and manage their use more efficiently, Delegate two hundred million acres as national forests, mineral reserves, and waterpower plants, as well as an addition of five national parks and eighteen national monuments to the list of protected lands. Roosevelt worked very hard to try and keep the economic issues of his time intact. In the 1900’s during the time of Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency, many major events took place, although, he seemed to know exactly how to respond to each of these events confidently and wisely as always. These events were the Hay- Pauncefote Treaty, The Coal Strike of 1902, the building of the Panama Canal, The Hepburn Act, and Pure Food and Drug Act, Meat Inspection Acts. In 1904, Roosevelt became aware that it was
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