President Truman Made A Nuclear Weapon

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On August 6, 1945, the plane Enola Gay dropped a nuclear weapon on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, at the command of President Harry Truman. Then, on August 9, 1945 a second atomic bomb was dropped on Japan in the city of Nagasaki. President Truman made this choice in an effort to end World War II. World War II began on September 1,1939 and ended on September 2,1945 ending in an Allie victory. This world was fought primarily by the Axis Powers: Germany, Austria, Italy, and Japan and the Allie Powers: Great Britain, France, The USSR, and the United States. President Truman made a difficult decision to drop nuclear weapons on Japan, because the factors leading up to the war, the circumstances that had already happened during World War II,…show more content…
American’s wanted to become an Empire. Colonies and world affairs quickly became things we did not shy away from. This landed the United States right in the middle of World War I. After World War I, American government quickly started to try to bring us back to our original isolationism. Part of that effort was the Neutrality Act. The Neutrality Act said that America would no longer aid countries during war times, and that we would not ship the aid we were not helping with. That is how determined Americans were to remain isolated.
Third, after all that America did to avoid another World War involvement what could lead us to bombing another country during World War II? World War II was fought primarily by the Axis and Allied Powers. Hitler, the leader in Germany, was steadily becoming a greater threat as he began conquering more and more of Europe. This being the Atlantic part of the war. America’s relationship with Great Britain called heavily on our involvement in World War II. American’s were sympathetic towards the Allied Powers. Hitler’s continuing advancement in Europe against Great Britain eventually lead to the repeal of the Neutrality Act that was put in place after World War I. At first, we wouldn’t ship our aid, but we did provide the aid. Eventually, we did begin to ship our aid. Which led to German U-Boats sinking our ships. This began our initial fighting without officially being a part of World War II. Japan had been invading its neighbors for years.
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