President Truman 's The Cold War

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President Truman’s philosophy was to come to the defense of those countries at risk of a Soviet takeover, however, the United States wouldn 't begin a war with the Soviet Union. He also created alliances with Europe, which was a contrast to the past as a result of from the time of Washington’s Farewell Address, Americans have strongly favored avoiding all foreign entanglements. He additionally was condemned by the paranoia created by the red scare, ordering the investigations of three million federal employees for “security risks.” Truman’s presidency set the stage for the remainder of the cold war. The beginning of the cold war raised the problem of the form of the new world and what new political alliances would be shaped. This would become the key supplier of rivalry between the world’s leading political-economic system, capitalism and communism. The American economy was growing more dependent on exports, whereas American industry required to import metals. This needed open trade and friendly relations with those nations that provided metal. With several economies in shambles, competition for the few healthy economies became fierce. Germany, Japan, and Great Britain, who had been the strongest before the war had either been defeated or their influence was greatly reduced. The united states and the Soviet Union became the world’s leading two powers, and they quickly became enemies.
The presidential race of 1960 was primarily targeted on the threat of Communism. Each
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