President Trump 's Presidency From The United States Essay

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The year is 2020, President Trump’s presidency is coming to an end, but it cannot come sooner to the American people. Trumps years in the Oval Office would have been great if not for his sudden decision to initiate the removal of immigrants during his last months as President. Every major city in the United States is swarming with Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents. Immigrants are being taken right out of the workplace, rounded up, handcuffed and sent back to their home country. As the immigrant population disseminates, hundreds of local businesses across the nation go bankrupt. Boarded up store fronts are now the norm. With the dramatic decrease in the immigrant population almost no one is willing to invest in the infrastructure of towns with low socio-economic statuses. Farms are being left no crop pickers, in a few weeks there will be a shortage of produce across the United States. As people begin to ration, the economy continues to plummet. Every day the immigrant population decreases and everyday more businesses close, more food goes bad because of the lack of crop pickers, and more people begin to realize the importance of the immigrant population. This could soon be our reality, if immigration is not dealt with properly and in accordance with current information. Although immigration has not always been a major issue for the United States, recent claims made by politician’s claims have guided the nation to focus on the impacts of immigration. While many
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