President Trump’S Foreign Policy Pursuit Unequivocally

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President Trump’s foreign policy pursuit unequivocally falls under branch method. Branch method differs from the root method in that it does not begin its policy implementation from the fundamentals each time. Branch method builds policy modifications from current situations. Because its bases are ongoing situations, it can hold comparatively less comprehensive analysis of various policies – in other words, the limited analysis inhibits the government from important potential consequences/values, and possible alternatives. There are plenty of evidences that indicate President Trump’s failure to consider unintended consequences. President Trump criticized Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s refugee deal made with the United States. President…show more content…
Yet, Mr. Pence has expressed that the United States is in full support of the United States’ alliances with European countries. The articles also mention the dispute between the prime minister of Australia and President Trump. Once again, President Trump’s hostility towards Australia did not accurately reflect the United States’ hope of maintaining the alliance between the two countries. This inconsistency does not add credence to the stability of the current United States government and its approach to foreign policy. In terms of pinpointing President Trump’s actions within the deterrence or spiral model theory Jervis suggests, it is rather impossible to categorize the administration to one or another. Neither one adequately explains the motivations behind President Trump’s actions and it is difficult to understand whether President Trump’s inconsistency with others in the White House results from his belief in the U.S.’ threatened security from these alliances or from innate aggressiveness inhabited by these countries. Based on what policies Trump executed so far, his pre-election campaigns, and the great turmoil in the United States’ government, I would analyze that the true motives behind President Trump’s actions primarily focus on sending domestic messages rather than international messages. Yet, it is important to recognize that these domestic-directed actions are interpreted by other states as international messages.

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