President Washington And The United States

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President Washington was seated at his desk in the oval office turned and looking out the window thinking about how quickly events were moving and how much control did he really have over them. He had his concerns about the military and if they really needed civilian leadership at this time or was he in the way? Or was he being paranoid? He had a sizeable military force heading his way from Pennsylvania which might be able to topple the current government. His own military was sizing up the situation, he really became aware of a change in the situation he saw several tanks moving down Pennsylvania Blvd towards the White House. Then took up positions around it, guarding it, was it to protect him or were they his jailer. President Washington took a deep breath, closed his eyes and turned back to his desk realizing he was being paranoid. A Secret Service agent stepped into the office, “Sir are you ready to leave for the Pentagon?” The President has forgotten about the meeting, even though he was briefed much earlier in the morning about it. The irony he thought, he had only moments ago was thinking about the military, the President stared at the agent for a moment, “Yes, let’s hit the road.” President Washington stood, adjusted his coat, buttoned down the front of it and stepped out of his office with the Secret Service leading the way to his car. It wasn’t a long drive by any means and there was no traffic anymore to worry about. He thought again, his paranoia was…
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