President William Jefferson Clinton : The President Of The United States

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One of the president’s main goals during their term is to leave a positive and lasting impression on the country. No man wants to be known for the way that they ruined the economy or lost the trust of the citizens because of their poor law making skills or their lack of leadership skills. The president that I chose to analyze was President William Jefferson Clinton. He may not have left the office as a saint, but he did leave an impression on the nation that makes him a well-respected president in America’s history. In David Barber’s book, he focuses on four main character types. They were known as active – positive, active – negative, passive – positive and passive – negative. These types were based off of the personalities of the first…show more content…
They do what they have to do to get by, but they have a great attitude as they complete their job. While passive – negative is an individual that feels as though they are meant to be in politics, but don’t have the drive or the experience to help them do what it takes to be the best president possible. Barber didn’t have much to say about the presidents that came later in our country’s history, but after further analysis of President Clinton’s actions during his term, I came to the conclusion that he was a passive – positive president. He was charismatic, beloved and he often kept his word which made it easier for citizens to trust him. Even though he was loved, he was not much of a go getter when it came to his duties as a president. His main goal was to keep his citizens pleased. He didn’t want to do anything that would lower his popularity rate. President Clinton did make an impact on the U.S. Government through foreign policy despite his passiveness. He established relationships with the North American Free Trade Act and the Genera Agreement of Tariffs and Trade. These agreements helped make arrangements of free trade between America, Canada and Mexico ( Bill also dealt with multiple economic issues that occurred throughout the world, one of the most confrontational issues was the currency interventions between Mexico and East Asia. No one seemed to
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