President Woodrow Wilson And Roosevelt

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Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt through U.S. Periods of Struggle U.S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt both faced different periods of prolonged struggle in America’s history, both were able to use integrity and progressivism to help the nation thrive. Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt were both members of the Democratic party and were advocators for the Progressivist movement. The Presidents also had campaigns based on the spread of sovereignty to forming nations and the security of our own. Wilson and Roosevelt also held office during the World Wars of the 20th century and focused on the preservation of the nation and strategy to aid the free world. Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt had domestic policies which were able to transform a country filled with oppression to a nation where and “America Dream” could be more easily obtained. The 1910s were a time of industrialization and experienced a period of increased rights for women. President Woodrow Wilson first helped state legislature establish women’s suffrage. He then approached congress and explained how women should be able to vote across the entire nation. Wilson’s movement took time to pass, but the ratification of the amendment was a step towards a nation with total equality. Wilson also wished to reform the way America was treating those who were building the nation. Large corporations had been producing large amounts of products at the expense of their workers. Safety regulations…
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