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               The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson’s presidency was by many accounts one of the most successful in American history. Not only did his domestic affairs and reform policies give birth to the modern age of liberalism but his foreign policies would lead the United States to victory in World War I. This would in turn contribute to the United States involvement in world affairs.
President Wilson would expand on government with his many programs that he would establish in his time in office. On the global front he would play a major role in the founding of The League of Nations. In domestic affairs he would push through major programs such as
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then increased trade with the Allies, Britain and France, which gave them closer ties with the Allies forces. Secondly, the German navy launched a U-boat submarine, which torpedoed the British luxury liner Lusitania and killed 128 Americans in the process. Next, the U.S. intercepted a telegram in which Germany’s foreign secretary sent to the German minister in Mexico City. The telegram was urging Mexico to join the Central Powers in the war, and Germany promised to help Mexico recover Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona in return. This threatened the territorial integrity of the U.S. The final reason for U.S. involvement in the war was when U-boats started attacking American ships without warning. This forced President Wilson to ask for a declaration of war before a special session of Congress.
     Government power expanded during the war by collaborating government and business, which gave corporate leaders more influence in shaping the economy and government policy. For instance, the War Industries Board was created to improve efficiency and productivity, and they wanted to win voluntary cooperation by industry. The Food Administration was formed to encourage farmers to increase production of wheat, and they sent women volunteers from door to door encouraging people to conserve food resources. Three other agencies were created: the Fuel Administration, which ordered all factories east of the Mississippi River to shut down for four days after
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