President Woodrow Wilson 's Declaration Of The War

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On August 4, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson delivered his proclamation declaring the U.S. an uninvolved neutral country in regard to WWI. The Great War, the war to end all wars was wreaking havoc all across Europe, but the American public desired to stay neutral. Reasons for neutrality included fear of losing loved ones, socialism because the war was believed to be to be a capitalist venture to protect imperialism, the rise of pacifists who believed war was wrong for any reason, and naturalized citizens afraid they would be forced to kill those from their old county on the battlefield. But by April 2, 1917 the country had chosen to enter the war for various reasons that were moral, economic and political. The U.S. was strongly justified in to enter the war for moral reasons, substantially justified economically, but weakly politically justified. Although the U.S. originally felt they should not enter the war for moral reasons, ultimately moral reasons for entering the war were firmly justified. At first neutrality seemed like the most effective way to keep peace for the American people. Some American citizens lived abroad in the war zone areas, carrying on trade and business. According to Wilson, it was the “duty of a neutral government not to permit or suffer the making of its water subservient to the purposes of war” (Doc 1). Wilson hoped life for the Americans would remain peaceful during
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