President of the United States and Civil Liberties Essay

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Sample Essay Questions 1. In our discussion of representation in the United States, we discussed the various amendments to the U.S. Constitution that increased citizen representation. Name three amendments to the U.S. Constitution that increased citizen representation in our government, and explain specifically, how each either expanded our electorate or made the government more representatives of its citizens. - Amendment XV - African American Suffrage - African Americans receive the right to vote. - Amendment XIX- Women's Suffrage -Gives women the power to vote - Amendment XXVI- Suffrage for 18-Year-Olds- Voting age moved to 18 2. Drawing upon your understanding of the essential functions of legislatures, as…show more content…
eminent domain requirements, Miranda Rights and the Exclusionary Rule). 1.Civil rights are those that are granted by a government for the protection of its citizens in respect to guaranteeing fairness and checking discrimination. 2.Civil liberties are the basic rights guaranteed to all citizens in a country without any further speciality. 3.’Civil rights’ means an individual’s right to get equal treatment in cases of education, housing, employment, and a lot more. ‘Civil rights’ means ‘free from discrimination or unfair treatment.’ On the other hand, ‘civil liberties’ are broader rights guaranteed in the Constitution. 4.Unlike civil rights, civil liberties are protective in character. 5.Civil rights pertain to the concept of how an individual is treated by others. Civil liberties pertain to the actual freedoms that an individual enjoys under a Constitution 4. Understand and be able to explain the three theories of constitutional interpretation presented in Fiorina and Peterson's chapter on the U.S. Judiciary. 5. Be able to define agenda setting in general terms. - The art or science of controlling an agenda so as to maximize the probability of getting a favorable outcome. 6. Understand what civil service protection is (sometimes referred to as Civil Service status). Understand the two basic principles for government employment enacted in civil service reform, and be conversant about its purposes, advantages and

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