Presidential Analysis : Presidential Primaries

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Presidential Primaries have served to give more power to citizens in the selection of candidates for the party 's nomination. Primaries are the main way for voters to get to know several candidates representing Republican, Democratic, and third party platforms. Inversely, the polls are a way for candidates to understand what the citizens of America demand of their future leader. The results of the Democratic Primaries can give a larger insight into the present and future state of modern America, as well capture the status of the current voter. CATERING TO VOTERS NEEDS Voters concerns vary from state to state. This means you must cater to each state. Each state is different and this is very apparent when it comes to the Nevada and South Carolina Primaries. Culturally Nevada is on the west coast and South Carolina is a southern state. Nevada is a fun and wild state while South Carolina has a southern charm feel. The people reflect where they live where as in Nevada whatever happens there stays there with Vegas being a hot attraction. Politically I would say they are dissimilar. South Carolina usually goes red for election time is a Republican state. Nevada is a swing state. In the 2012 election Nevada lit up blue for the democrats so it was expected Hilary get the delegates from this state but not so much from South Carolina. The voters are the main players in the primaries their votes not only determines who would be the frontrunner of each party but who has the most
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