Presidential Candidates : A Presidential Candidate Essay

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A presidential candidate is very similar to an actor. They both perform through employing various strategies around their body language, tone, and diction to grab the attention of the audience or voters. Their performance creates an impression on the viewer, which for the candidate, is very critical to his election outcome. Therefore, candidates prepare for every debate and public appearance to create a certain impression to try and entice the voters. However, when a candidate prepares for a debate, they run the risk of appearing rehearsed. Presidential candidates should rehearse in a way to attain and maintain an appearance of sincerity to obtain the votes of Millennials, who recently overtook Baby Boomers in the number of eligible voters. Americans, especially Millennials, want to believe that the candidate is giving an honest response, not a rehearsed one. Millennials want an impression that the candidate is trustworthy and listens to their concerns, or in other words, a sincere presidential candidate. In 2008 Senator Obama created an impression of sincerity, but it takes multiple steps to create the impression of sincerity. His first step was done after a devastating loss in the New Hampshire caucus. He started by conveying an impression in his speech that he was a very gracious and kind person. Obama started his “Yes We Can” speech by congratulating Senator Clinton and asking the crowd to cheer for her victory. Obama decided to acknowledge Clinton’s victory at the
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