Presidential Commission for Education Reform (Pcer 2000)

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PCER emerges with nine doable reform proposals After 13 grueling months of extensive review of past education studies and plans, specifically the EDCOM, the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP 1999-2004), Philippines Education Sector Study (1998) and `Education for All' Assessments (EFA 2000), among others; marathon meetings and workshops; and consultations with key persons in the system, the Presidential Commission on Educational Reform (PCER) has identified nine (9) recommendations, seen as ripe for reform. The reform proposals were formulated based on the clustered priority areas of concern as specified in Executive Order 46 dated 07 December 1998, later on conflated into six (6), as follows: financing; …show more content…
Review of enabling instruments and charters of PHEIs to address all technical inconsistencies and serve as basis for proposed legislation; f. Development of a model for the rationalization of PHEIs that accounts for best practices in other countries; g. Formulation of a strategic action and investment plan for the restructuring of PHEIs; and h. Review of the PHEI system of governance and the re-engineering of the CHED into an authority for strategic development; of empowering CHED further. i. Supervision and monitoring of the proposed reorientation of the premises for financing higher education, as contained in the proposal following this one.

4. Introduce the proposed scheme for reorienting the premises for financing higher education as contained in the following proposal, including a fixed budget for personnel services and operating expenses from DBM, increasing the budget for student assistance from DBM, and schemes for increasing revenue, including the raising of tuition fees. Monitor, adjust and amend the scheme, learning from the experience of its implementation.

5. Finalize a rationalization plan for public higher education. Establish within it the guidelines for the creation, conversion, expansion, privatization, merging, or phasing out of State Universities and Colleges.

6. Submit plan and guidelines to the President and to Congress for appropriate executive and legislative action.

7. Upon approval of
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