Presidential Debates Essay

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Looking at the viewer rating of presidential debates in the election seasons can prove just how much people are interested in these debates. Voters have good reason to do so because debating can show many qualities of a person. These qualities become very important when it comes to presidential candidates because debates can show one’s thoughts about policies, the ability to carry them out, and ability to settle negotiations. Debating about policies shows whether one has made a judgment based on thorough thinking and deep knowledge. Being a ‘good debater’ usually means that the argumentation one gives is sound and contains an analysis of the topic from various perspectives. Since the candidate needs to know what he or she is talking about, they will have gone through long sessions of assessing the problem and building a stance on what they have evaluated. The fact that debating requires critical thinking skills can be verified in a research paper that says, quote, “From a professional standpoint, the debating process encourages an individual to consider multiple viewpoints and arrive at a judgement.” A candidate who is good at debating about a policy…show more content…
When a president meets the president of another nation, exchanging hellos and socializing is not the main objective. Naturally, the role of a president is to assert the stance that a nation holds and bring the conversation to advantageous terms. During the US’s presidential election, numerous articles were published about how horrible a debater Donald Trump was. The consequences are clearly showing with reports of Trump’s first negotiation with the president of Mexico being a ‘humiliation’. Through this example, it becomes clear that presidential candidates who are effective debaters will be able to make favorable conventions because they are expert at turning the table at their
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