Presidential Democracy

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There are two main types of democratic systems in the world today: Parliamentary and Presidential. More important than any difference is the fact that these two forms of governments are democracies. This being a fundamental similarity for the two, the people are allowed to vote for their leaders in both a parliamentary and presidential democracy (Comparision). Most people take part in political life by way of elections; this is common for both types of democracies. For example, Great Britain, being a parliament, revolves around two main political parties: Labour and Conservatives. The party with the greatest representation forms the government. A Prime Minister is then selected from the leading party and then becomes the head of state (Hauss…show more content…
The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers can be removed from office if it loses the confidence of the majority party. Basically, if the people of parliament do not like what is going on, then there can be a vote or ruling to decide whether the Prime Minister needs to be removed from office (Hauss 126). The President in a presidential system typically has a fixed term lasting four to eight years, due to the fact that it is more difficult to impeach a president versus a receiving a vote of no confidence (Carabajal). Furthermore, in a parliament system there is no strict separation of powers because the ministers are also members of legislature. There are however incredibly strict separation of powers in a presidential system. For example, in the United States , the President and the secretaries are not members of Congress (Comparison). There is a relatively low chance for gridlock in a parliamentary democracy due to the fact that the majority party supports the Prime Minister and so there is agreement and support on the decisions that are made. Whereas in a presidential democracy there is and increased chance for gridlock due to the multiple claims of legitimacy between executive and legislative branches in the government
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