Presidential Election And Campaign Recommendations

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Re: Analysis of the 2012 Presidential Elections and Campaign Recommendations
After analyzing the different strategies used in the 2012 presidential election by candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I have gathered enough information to lead you, Candidate Smith, into a path of success, and in the hope to help you reach presidency. The key element that made Obama successful, was the usage of social media—such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, etc. Therefore, I hope you have at least one account running in your favor, if not that will be the first thing on the agenda. So first, I will explain the possibilities for video ad campaigns and the power they have to persuade the people. Second, I will go over statistics for the Swing States of Nevada and Wisconsin, in order to understand our demographic—that is there ethnicities, income, education, and most importantly to understand their needs, that way we can start brainstorming on how we can help them prosper. And third, I will explain how Obama’s campaign was managed and what made him successful, moreover, how he was able to utilize social media to engage and relate to the citizens.
Analysis of Romney V. Obama Video Ad Campaigns
During the 2012 presidential election, both candidates Obama and Romney utilized the power of the internet to create short video ad campaigns. Some were aired on television, others were uploaded to social media platforms, such as Youtube. After carefully analyzing four videos, two from the Obama
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