Presidential Election And Issues Of America Essay

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Salvador Castaneda
English 12
Presidential Election & Issues

The political infrastructure of America has remained consistent with the ideology of a representative republic, essentially the masses choosing representatives who then decide whom they want as a leader of the fine country under the notion of said candidates ideologies, religion, and promises upon election. Every four years, America holds an election to determine the Commander in Chief, an honor of prestige and status. The duty of a President is to obey the best interests of the country, utilizing their power in order to handle the issues that plague the nation. Planetary issues such as gay marriage, immigration, and marijuana particularly, same-sex marriage, the construction of a wall near the southern border, and medical marijuana.This essay aims to display the arguments/stance that each presidential candidate has towards such issues, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and serves as an analysis of their determined stance.
To determine Donald Trump 's stance on immigration,particularly the construction of a wall on the southern border, it is wise to analyze articles in order to see his thoughts on such as issue. The reasoning behind building an impenetrable wall is to regulate the number of illegal immigrants that cross the American border. He relies on the notion of an excessive amount of illegal immigrants crossing the border detrimental to the economy as well as the security of the American people,

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