Presidential Election : Election Cycle

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Regardless of an individual’s political enthusiasm, the 2016 election cycle was one of, if not the most widely discussed election cycles in the history of the United States. Citizens and non- citizens from across the globe seemed to voice their opinions about either presidential candidate at one point or the other, the same goes for various House and Senatorial, except on a smaller scale. This essay will focus on the outcomes of the 2016 general elections thought an in-depth analysis of the following criteria; who voted for the candidates in the presidential and senatorial races, what was the reasoning behind their vote, when these individuals decide to vote, where the voters came out to vote and how that differed from previous election cycles and finally why this election cycle was so unique in its predictions and outcomes. For the ‘who’ aspect of this election cycle, we need to analyze those individuals who participated in the November election, more specifically, those who reside in one of the biggest electoral states in the union, Florida. Along with who participated, we will look into how the candidates and special interest groups mobilized to shape the outcome of the state in comparison to pervious election cycles. According to the 2010 census, Florida, with its approximate population of 20 million people possess 29 electoral votes, or roughly 10% of what is needed to win the White House. Florida is branded the quintessential ‘swing state’ for it ability to sway or…
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