Presidential Election : Mr. Donald Trump Essay

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This year the presidential elections will take place at the beginning of November, and there are lots of people wondering how this is going to end. Some candidates for these presidential elections may not have been the best choice for their respective parties, but the one that really shouts, “I should not be here” is Mr. Donald Trump. His personality and actions are not the correct ones for a president because of his temper and comments against other cultures. On the other hand, we have Mrs. Clinton who is a more competent candidate; she has more experience on the field of politics than Mr. Trump who has none at all, which are the reasons why she is a better choice as a candidate and as president of the U.S. Mrs. Clinton has thirty years in the politics field; she has been Senator of New York, First lady of the U.S., and Secretary of State. She has the necessary background to back her up for this presidential race and that makes her a strong candidate for president. As another candidate, we have Mr. Donald Trump who has a limited background in politics. Mr. Trump has no experience in politics at all and his actions are not the best for a president, he has too much anger against others and the way he expresses himself is not proper for the post he wants. His being a businessperson may attract the Republican voters, but being successful as a businessperson does not make him a good option for the president of his country. If that were the case, Bill Gates would have been
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