Presidential Election Of 2000 : George W. Bush

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Introduction Sense the election of 2000 where George W. Bush won the electoral college while Al Gore won the popular vote talk of doing away with the electoral college all together has been a hot topic. The presidential election of 2000 came down to the outcome in Florida. First, the television networks said Al Gore, the vice president at the time, had carried the state. Then however, the state’s election was considered too close to call. Then, the television networks declared George W. Bush, Governor of Texas and son of former president George W. H. Bush, the winner. It took five weeks to determine the winner of the election because of how close the count was. Vice President Al Gore controlled both the East and the West Coasts and won the inland industrial cities, while Texas Governor George W. Bush took much of the Midwest and Plains, as well as the South. Gore gained over a half-million more votes than Bush had as a whole, however Gore lost the Electoral College when he lost Florida. Bush 's official win margin in the state of Florida was only a total of 537 votes. With the presidential election hanging on only few hundred votes in a single state, there were numerous lawsuits and multiple requests for recounts. There were bitter disputes concerning ridiculous ballots, supposed missing names on voting rolls, and accounts of subjecting minority voters to multiple requests for identification. The punch card ballots, hanging chad, posed a major problem--they were
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