Presidential Election Of The United States Essay

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Presidential debates in the Unites States are a hot topic around the world. Even though American voters have the role of choosing the next president, people from many different countries tend to heed interest in the elections, due to the fact that the president of the United States has such an influence in locations around the world. People rely on the media to obtain factual information about the presidential candidates, their political stances, and interests in foreign affairs. The fact that information about the presidential candidates can be distributed worldwide by the media is wonderful. Even though this sounds wonderful, it is possible that statements during the debates, or results from them, can be portrayed with bias by the media, or even censored. So, there is a possibility that the interpretation of the American presidential candidates, by people around the world, may be altered after a debate. This change could be influenced by the debate itself, or by media releasing information about the debates. This will be performed by showing the effect debates and media have on voters in the United States of America, academic journals regarding censorship in Russian media, and ultimately comparing the results of several of the 2016 presidential debates between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, portrayed by the pro Hillary Clinton American News source, the Los Angeles Times, to Russia’s pro Donald Trump Pravda Report.

It is a common belief that
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