Presidential Election Of The United States

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After almost two years on the campaign trail, the United States of America has finally elected its new president, Donald Trump. No that is not a typo, this is real life. It was a hard fought battle between Hillary Clinton and the Donald which ultimately lead to one of the most shocking upsets in recent American politics. Being that the odds were heavily stacked against Trump as poll after poll predicted Clinton be the victor, it was to the astonishment of many that he reigned victorious during this 2016 presidential election cycle. Be it the will of the country (or in this case electoral college ) this poisonous cheeto will now be the 45th president of the United States. So how did this happen, what was it about Trump that pushed voter behavior in his favor in many key battleground states? Trumps victory lies in the hands of the silent majority who at this point were dying for change and saw it within the republican nominee. The biggest contributing factor to Trump’s win on November 8 was retrospective voting which a lot of voters clearly engaged in this election cycle. When making the decision of who to vote for during an election, voters often tend to start looking within at their own situation before throwing their support at a candidate. Questioning whether ones is better off now than they were before the previous election is known as retrospective voting. This concept is the idea that voters take into consideration factors such as the performance a political party ,
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