Presidential Election : Presidential Debates

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In order to determine the best candidate to be our national leader, it is imperative that citizens watch the broadcasted presidential debates before casting their ballots. These debates give each representative of the two most influential political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, time to demonstrate their contrasting viewpoints, and otherwise allow the voter to understand each candidate’s personality. During our psychology class this semester, we were privileged to write essays on the three presidential debates between Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and Republican nominee, Donald Trump. In order to succeed in this task, it was imperative that we incorporate psychology terms in conjunction with the candidates; only now can we reveal our informed opinions about the results of this 2016 Presidential Election. During the three presidential debates, I tried to watch Hillary Clinton unbiased, as I admittedly wanted her to become our president. Overall, I found Clinton to be mature, and to be overwhelmingly habituated to Trump’s condescending comments. Despite Trump’s disrespectful remarks regarding women and other minorities, Clinton was calm, and simply spoke to the viewers regarding his rhetoric. Her peaceful demeanor demonstrated habituation in that, although Trump can become very offensive, she chose to rise above the trying stimulus he displayed, and ultimately appeared to be the better candidate for presidential office. In response to audience phobias
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