Presidential Election : Presidential Elections

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The 2016 presidential election may happen to be one of the most memorable elections to have ever been. From the campaign speeches, to the Democratic and Republican National conventions, and even the presidential debates; Americans seemed to constantly be voicing their opinions on every aspect of the election, and who they believe is the more suitable candidate for president, especially on social media. The 2016 presidential election marks one of the more recent elections where we start to see social media’s impact on it. We see how presidential candidates use social media as a platform to voice about updates on their campaign as well as communicate with their supporters. With the continue rise in the number of social media users as well as politicians now using social media, how much has its impact had on elections and Americans outlook on the campaign. According to textbook ‘Communication Theory’, metatheory is the stated or inherent assumptions made when creating a theory. If you aren’t familiar with a theory’s underlying assumptions about truth, human nature, the purpose of the theory, and its values, then a person can’t fully understand a theory. We’ll see the studies of people who have implied metatheory on whether or not social media has had an effect on presidential elections. We start to see social media’s trans figurative impact back in the 2008 presidential election. J. Gregory concluded in his article ‘Impact of Social Media in 2012 Presidential Election’…
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