Presidential Election Vs. Democratic Candidates

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Since the beginning of the Presidential primaries, many unexpected events have occurred, proving that we should expect the unexpected with the upcoming Presidential election. Both democratic candidates, Clinton and Sanders, and also the republican candidates, Trump, Cruz and Kasich, posses many differences amongst each other that can ultimately lead to the difference in demographics among each of the candidates’’ voters and the results that we have seen from the primaries. Ultimately, their difference in opinions on major issues and the difference in their voters will have a large impact on the standing of both the Republican and Democratic parties in the Fall 2016 campaign and beyond. Between the Democratic candidates, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, we as a country have seen a large difference between their voters. Both candidates, although having similar views, attract extremely different voters. According to demographics and from what I have witnessed in my own hometown, Sanders attracts young voters, most from the “Millennial Generation,” while Clinton attracts older voters. In reference to an Iowa entrance poll, “Sanders surpassed Hilary Clinton 84% to 14% among Democrats aged 17 to 29…while Clinton won among voters aged 45 and older.” The age gap between the candidates’ voters has had a prevalent impact on what issues may lead them to choose one and not the other. With Sanders political views and promises as President, he most likely has a large amount of
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