Presidential Election Vs. Election

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Fifteen years ago, President George Bush won the presidential election beating Al Gore, who had won the popular vote. This election is one of the most contested in this century. The same election is also an example of the United States Electoral College voting system in action. The Electoral College permits a candidate to win a presidential election without winning the popular vote. The American campaign and election system can be broken down into three significant parts, the nomination, the campaign, and the election. Each portion of the campaign and election system is distinct from the other, but have some similarities. Prior to running in the national presidential election, the candidate must win the party nomination. The nomination…show more content…
In addition to nomination issues, there are campaign fund issues. As described by Paul Steinhauser and Robert Yoon’s article, “Cost to Win Congressional Election Skyrockets,” for CNN, the cost to win congressional elections is rising steeply. Steinhauser and Yoon explain that on average it costs $1.6 million to win a House seat, which, after accounting for inflation, is 344% more than in 1986. Steinhauser and Yoon also emphasize that in the House of Representatives, incumbents outspend their challengers by an average ratio of $3 for every $1 the challenger spends. Senate incumbents on average outspend their challengers by $3.5 million. The authors also explain that in 2012 outside groups spent $457 million on congressional elections. An outside group could be a group or individual, for example a PAC (Political Action Committee) or a wealthy individual. Ashley Parker relates her article, “Outside Money Drives a Deluge of Political Ads," in The New York Times to the influx in spending by outside groups. She explains that political spending for advertising is increasing rapidly compared to past elections. Parker also emphasizes that outside groups buy more advertisement time than the candidates themselves. She concludes her article by emphasizing that soon enough political advertisements are going to start airing on TV right after November elections, this is some two years before the next vote. Equally important
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