Presidential Elections 2016 Presidential Election

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Presidential Elections in 2016 and presidential campaigns of the Republican and the Democratic Party 's nominees in 2015 and 2016 had become a source of controversy and drama. The participation of the female candidate, who has a high chance of becoming the next U.S. President, controversial remarks of the self-funded billionaire from the Republican Party, major discussions around essential topics, such as economic growth, personal freedom and privacy rights defined the main topics of the debates amongst the candidates. It would be fair to state that the 2016 elections and candidates from both parties have provided enough material to create a multitude of parodies on those debates. There is a variety of key figures, portrayed in these comedic parodies, as well as explicit and implicit messages sent through those parodies. While Republican Party and its leading candidate Donald Trump have given a large volume of reasons for mockery, it is interesting to observe the Democratic Party and the main points that result in the comedic mockery of the debates between the candidates. The main point is that the difference between the implicit and explicit messages has narrowed, mainly as the result of the information availability. First, it is essential to note the main source of the comedic political debate coverage or its parody. The parody originates from the Saturday Night Live (SNL) Show skit. The main participants of the debates are Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon),
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