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Presidential Greatness: An Analysis of FDR’s Presidency Presidential greatness has many aspects, but it primarily means demonstrating effective, inspiring, visionary, and transformational leadership in times of great challenge and crisis. There have been many effective presidents, but there have only been a few great presidents because simply being effective and successful does not make one a great president. The distinction between presidential effectiveness and presidential greatness is that presidential greatness can only be attained when the exceptional leadership, visionary, and transformational accomplishments of a president have a long-term positive impact and change the course of American history. Franklin D.…show more content…
His solutions were unique, but they are lasting legacies to the man, his vision, and his approach to problems (Walker 2003). Roosevelt knew the American people wanted a solution from the terrible days of the Great Depression. His first act as president was to create a special session of Congress that he called "The First Hundred Days." During these first one hundred days in office, he was determined to make sweeping changes that would help end the depression and get Americans back to work (Biography 2007). These first hundred days in office accomplished a wide variety of goals and objectives, and created many new government agencies set to deal with the economy, employment, and agriculture. Some of the agencies he created in these first hundred days include the AAA which is the Agricultural Adjustment Administration to support farm prices and get people back to farming and agriculture, the CCC which is the Civilian Conservation Corps that employed young men across the country in forests and other natural areas, the FDIC which is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to ensure funds in banks were ensured and the banks would not fail again, and the NRA which is the National Recovery Act that encouraged industry to voluntarily raise wages, regulate hours, and create employment (Biography 2007. Roosevelt approached the Great Depression head on, creating a variety of measures set to get people back to work while shoring up
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