Presidential Power : The United States

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Presidential power has been a intensely publicized issue throughout the history of the United States, but even more so in the last couple decades. Presidents have always been pushing the envelope when it comes to what they can and cannot do in office. However as terrorism has become more prevalent in the past twenty years, presidents are faced with more challenges than those of hundreds of years ago. In addition to the threats overseas, every year both parties are becoming more partisan. When the parties do this it creates a gridlock and this makes it hard for anything to get done in Washington. Congress has always been there to keep the president in check and make sure he is not overstepping his boundaries. However presidents often find ways to “get around” going to congress for approval. These sneaky actions by our presidents has created a lot of tension in Washington and is why Presidential Power is such a hot button issue. Presidents have been expanding their powers since we first became a nation and continue to do so today. Why would presidents do this? Why would they want to expand their power? Presidents often have to take fast action on issues such as national security. If they are very limited in their power, it can be a detriment to the country. That is why Presidents are always trying to expand their reach of authority. How do they expand their powers? Presidents seek to expand their powers through using executive orders, recess appointments, vetoes,
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