Presidents Of The Great Presidents

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Historian Arthur Schlesinger said the team Imperial Presidency is when a president uses more power than the Constitution allows, and were able to avoid the checks and balances of our constitutional system. In this paper, I am going to explore three presidents who many feel were imperial presidents. While doing the research I was surprised how many great presidents had people make a case that they were an imperial president. For example, I read many articles about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln running imperial presidency. Abraham Lincoln is widely considered one of our greatest presidents. The three presidents that I am going to focus my paper on are Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. Lyndon Johnson took over as President when John F. Kennedy was assassinated on a hot Dallas day. Many feel that the government acted quickly after JFK was pronounced dead to move on actions that JFK was not going to do in his presidency. Johnson sent over 22,000 troops to the Dominican Republic in 1965 without the approval of congress (Schlesinge, 1973). Johnson also sent combat troops in Vietnam. People still have a bad taste in their mouth over the debacle in Vietnam. Vietnam ranks 4th among all wars in troop casualties and was a war that lead people to flee the country because they did not want to fight and did not believe the war was just. Congress required 48 hours’ notice when a president wants to send troops to another country and Lyndon Johnson did
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