Presidents Of The President Is A Position Of Power Essay

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Being in a position of power where the public demands so much can cause multiple issues, in the case of the US presidency illogicalities can arises. As such, the central thesis for this paper is, presidents face contradictory expected from the public to be both decisive leaders as well as open minded politicians in addition; too being statesman’s and loyalist to their parties. What arise for the president is a host of challenges found in congress, his party, the executive branch as well as the abilities to make decisive choices of when to choose one side the publics perceptions over the other.
Presidents are expected to be leaders in the public eye, but the structure of the system means they have to give up their power and allow others to lead with their own discretion. In order to do this Presidents are expected to be flexible politicians willing to compromise and allow others use political power. Inside the presidency discretion by lower subordinates is key because it is illogical and not practical for presidents to micromanage the entire executive branch. In relation to the political power a president has, “[t]he president must marshal resources to persuade others to do as he wishes” (Edwards III & Wayne, 2014, p. 15). A president must use his political power granted to him both formally by the constitution and informally by laws, precedent and public opinion as well as other resources so as to implement his agenda and lead the country in ways he sees fit.
A president is
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