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In reviewing the proposal presented by Pressco, Inc. to provide new mechanical drying equipment at a cost of $2.9 million I have considered the cash flow implications of the purchase in terms of present value of the investment and estimated resulting savings, as well as possible alternatives to purchase, and the current political climate as it affects the business issues of taxation and energy policy.
Following this review, it is my recommendation that we enter into a contract for the purchase of the equipment in question before the end of the year for the following reasons. Currently, our tax rate is not particularly favorable. We have experienced some small reductions in the late 1970’s, however the introduction of Supply-Side economics
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Assessing the likelihood of each option and assigning weight to each possibility is an inexact science, but I believe it in unlikely that in the current political climate we will not see both a reduction in the tax rate and an increase in the length of time over which we are required to depreciate capital assets. I have assigned weights to each option with this in mind, and have come up with an average weighted estimate of the net present value of the investment of: $1.7 million.

Alternatives to Purchase:
As opposed to purchasing new equipment, we could opt to maintain the equipment we currently have, which has an estimated service life of 11 years remaining. We could retain all of our claimed Investment Tax Credit for this purchase, which has two years of depreciation left, and would not be required to invest in any new training for our employees. We would recognize $31,000 in depreciation in present value terms, as well as save an estimated $200,000 in training costs and losses due to lower production during the “learning curve”. I estimate these savings to be approximately one month of payroll to include both the time spent on training, and our reduced production as employees learn how to use the new equipment. Additional detail of this option is provided in Appendix B, C, & D.
In conjunction with keeping the existing equipment, we would have the opportunity to make a different investment with the $2.9 million.
Current Taxation
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